VICE Season 1 on HBO

VICE Season 1 on HBO

VICE Season 1 on HBO

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Have you seen the documentary about the stripper who got into a relationship with America’s biggest LSD manufacturer? What about the Columbian township where it’s common practice for pubescent boys engage in sexual acts with donkeys? Well, what   about the underground dog fights of Afghanistan? If you’ve ever checked out VICE on YouTube, you’ll know that they ain’t no discovery channel.

For the past 20 or so years, VICE has been covering stories that you usually won’t find on mainstream media, delivering an edgy, raw, sometimes uncomfortable, hard hitting, gritty documentaries, travel news and documentaries that keep us coming back for more. Now, they’ve jumped out from the computer screen and landed on TV with the premier of the VICE Friday 5th April 11pm on HBO.

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