Mavericks Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

Mavericks AW1

Mavericks AW1

Mavericks out of Melbourne have launched their Autumn/Winter 2013 range. The laces can completely transform a pair of shoes and now even boot lengths are available. They’ve also released some more classic blacks and browns if you don’t want something so flashy. They’re made from 100% waxed cotton and come in two lengths 75cm and 120cm and are 3mm in diameter. 

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Mavericks AWMAVS AW13 Camp Hugo Black 120cm 011MAVS AW13 Camp Milo Brown 75cm 002MAVS AW13 Camp Charlie Purple 120cm 002MAV_George_Racing_Green_75cm_LR_001MAV_Milo_Brown_75cm_LR_004MAV_Charlie_Purple_120cm_LR_001MAV_3_Pack_120cm_LR_001


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