• Jack Robinson & the Shapeshifting Surfboard

    Upcoming pro surfer Jack Robinson will soon sport the future of surfing thanks to all the hard work by Oakley. The idea is out of the box, a shape shifting surfboard that you can adjust on the fly to create the right board for the current conditions. The board is full of conductive aerographene nanotubes that can expand and contracts when an electric current is passed through them. This can be done via the touch screen display on the board. So no more getting out of the water to change a board. Sounds like science fiction but it is there. Check out the video if you don’t believe us.

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  • 2014 Christmas Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers

    Do you have a Secret Santa and not sure what to get them? Need to get a friend you don’t know too well something they might fancy. Don’t go with the mundane and boring...

  • Mr. Black x Sneaker Freaker Midnight Express Box Set

    Sneaker Freaker and Mr Black collaborated to create a Midnight Express Box Set, the perfect gift for your sneaker crazed friend, or yourself for that matter. The box set consists of a custom wooden...

  • GoodPeople Autumn/Winter 2014

    The GoodPeople store just received their A/W 2014 collection. Inspired by the bad boy beat generation writer Jack Kerouac and his brief Italian trip during the 60’s. This collection is dedicated to the edgiest...

  • 2014 Christmas Gift Guide – The Audiophile

    If your audio sounds like it’s playing out of a tin can, it’s time to upgrade. With 4k monitors, high definition smartphone displays, high definition music streaming readily available, we all deserve a high quality listening...

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The Bold Shoulder: Breaking the Last Taboo of Men’s Dressing

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In Case You Missed It

  • Jon Snow Isn’t The Only One With a Wolf

    You don’t really need to go to the arctic tundra and northern forests to see an arctic wolf howl in the wild. Just pop by the San Diego Zoo where one waits conveniently for you. As majestic as Jon Snow’s Ghost, this majestic specimen is everything you ever wanted in an arctic wolf. Watch as the audience howls in unison to inspire the wolf to respond and hear the majestic call of the wild. It’s as every bit as exciting as Jack London described it in “White Fang”. A must-see experience.

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  • Bootylicious – The Ernest Shoe

    Believe it or not, there is a such thing as a summer boot. Puzzled? Don’t be. The summer boot isn’t some leather hi-top sandal. The perfect example of how...

  • Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Compact Cameras

    Is photography near and dear to your heart and you want to enjoy it as a hobby? Then you can find the perfect camera with the Hasselblad Stellar Special...

  • Make Co. Surfboard Grooming Kit

    Never wonder what you need to keep your surfboard in top condition, because the Make Co. Surfboard Grooming Kit brings you all the essentials in one place – flawlessly...

  • Fugoo Bluetooth Speakers

    Take the party wherever you go and ascend to the status of Party God with the speaker that has complete disregard for danger – the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker. In...

  • Ice Climbing, Photography & The Northern Lights

    What does it take to photograph the Northern Lights? A good camera and the right spot, but for some the right spot might involve travel to Norway’s hardest to climb fjords, a team of the best mountain climbers, climbing ice and the perfect window of opportunity. Track this team as they attempt to take the craziest picture of the Aurora Borealis. See how the idea came to be and the setback faced, all narrated over stunning shots of the Norwegian wilderness along with the wicked precision necessary to scale ice. Now that’s hardcore photography!

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  • P-Rod & Lance Mountain Talk Skate Innovation

    What’s the relationship between sport and shoe? There’s a relationship there and such is the story between skateboarding and the Nike’s Jordan. Watch as the team behind the Nike SB P-ROD 8 – a shoe that stands on the forefront of innovation and design – discuss skateboarding in the 80s and how the Nike Jordan spear-headed the wave of a new generation of skaters. It’s a video that packs history, interviews and, of course, neat tricks in one smooth edit.

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  • Schwood Fifty/Fifty Titanium Collection

    The Schwood Fifty/Fifty Titanium Collection takes the concept of sunglasses and completely flips it on its head. Titanium meets hardwood into a frame that’s both durable and stylish –...

  • Moncler Camo Backpack

    The Moncler Camo Backpack becomes indispensable on long journeys through the wilderness – camouflage and all. Speaking of camo, the Moncler has perhaps the most singular, stylized camo pattern,...

  • Triwa Walter Hvalen Watch

    The Triwa Walter Hvalen Watch tells you the time in the most stylized manner possible. With a dial in grey sunray and distinct pictorials for the hours and minutes,...

  • It Has Wheels & Can Fly – SkyRunner

    Flying cars might be far off in the future still, but the SkyRunner bridges the gap with a light design that allows it to gain enough speed and drag...

  • Le Coq Sportif Lcs R1000

    You can be an everyday athlete or a serious performance athlete. Le Coq Sportiff has you covered with the Le Coq Sportif Lcs R1000 – a model that supports...

  • The Giants of Iceland – feat. ‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones

    Iceland is famous for several things – crazy landscape, Bjork and a dominance in the World’s Strongest Man competition that is unrivaled. Apparently, Iceland gives birth to big boys and VICE takes you on a journey that reveals how Iceland breeds its strongmen. The film gives a sneak peek through the infamous Jakabol – a training gym that will scare even the strongest bodybuilder – and introduces you to star on the rise Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson, whom viewers know as the Mountain on Game of Thrones. A must-see!

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  • Brogamats – Putting the Bro in Yoga

    Yoga matts may be unisex, but that doesn’t mean dudes won’t crave for something more – a bit of fun, a bit of attitude and better performance. Brogamats provides...

  • Benny Gold Duboce Collection

    Has your summer wardrobe been longing for some fun and adventure? Benny Gold Duboce Collection fixes this serious omission with a relaxed line of casual clothing that recalls the...