NIXEYCLES Factory Series Bikes

NIXEYCLES is a bike company that prides itself on making riding fun, practical and most of all, comfortable. The Factory range has a relaxed, upright riding position and thick-foamed seats to…

Patchnride Puncture Repair Tool

Patchnride Puncture Repair Tool

Getting a flat tire sucks but with Patchnride it sucks less. With this ingenious little tool, you can fix any flat on any bicycle in seconds. And you don’t even…

Bramford Custom Bicyles

Bramford Custom Bicycles

Bamford expanded there department to include custom bicycles. The Bamford Cycle Department is bringing the Bamford Watch Department’s mantra of “If you can imagine it, we can create it” to…



It is simply ridiculous to wear a suit and ride a mountain bike to work… or anywhere really. NIXEYCLES offer you a more practical alternative that also preserves your dignity….

Wills One Of-A-Kind Leather Bicycle

Will’s One-of-a-Kind Leather Bicycle

Why not opt for a more civilized approach the next time you feel like crossing the country on horseback? The very first of Will’s One-of-a-Kind Bicycle series is here to…


Bicycle Artisans Book

Will Jones gathers 88 bicycle builders from the whole world in his ultimate collection titled Bicycle Artisans – a slim volume, which give cyclists with a flair for custom rides…


Visiobike Is Loaded With Tech

The Visiobike is a black beauty of power, precision and strength unlike you have never seen. You can bike through the city know without ever breaking into sweat, because the…

Moleskine X Cinelli

Moleskine X Cinelli

Moleskine X Cinelli join forces to inspire some wanderlust. The Hobo notebook accompanies you on your travels and happily serves as your recorder. Integrated into every bike in the line,…

Horse Cycles - Urban Assault

Horse Cycles – Urban Assault

The Urban Assault is the one All American bike you need to take you where you need to go. Made entirely from materials within the USA, the bike dashes through…

The Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike

The Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike

You ever wanted to know whether bicycles can become sentient? The answer is a resounding yes with the Vanhawks’ Valour Connected Bike – a bike that takes away thinking from…