Brews & Bottles 2017

Welcome to Man of Many’s featured content for June 2017. This month’s collection of high-ABV articles sees us focus on all things booze-related, from some cracking dark beers to get you through the winter, carefully compiled catalogues of the best Aussie-made potables, to a tour of some of our best bars (tuned to your tastes). We’ve also put together a few killer videos that are guaranteed to keep you entertained on these chilly winter nights, and caught up with some of the liquor industry’s finest to get the low-down on the Aussie booze scene.

With local breweries, distilleries and bars all winning big awards on the world stage and repping the green and gold globally, there’s never been a more exciting time to be an Australian beverage enthusiast.

Sit back, get yourself a tasty frothy (and pour a shot), and enjoy the month of Brews & Bottles. This one is on the house.


You can get it pulling a plow; you can get it milking a cow – either way, it’s no secret that us Aussies love a Denzel Frothington or three. The climate’s hot, the beers are cold – you do the math. We’ve come a long way in the last decade though, read on for everything you need to know about beer.


We’re producing more of the liquid gold than ever, and it’s barely staying on the shelves. From the barley fields to the bottle, here’s our two cents on why savvy consumers are drinking more of the good stuff than ever, and why it’s only getting bigger and better.


Mothers’ little helper has been given a big status-boost since its bathtub-produced era, and new distillers are turning their botanicals knob up to eleven to produce some weird and seriously tasty gins, which we’ve willingly tasted (and checked twice) to make sure they’re up to your standard. Enjoy.