33 Brutally Honest Facts About Everyday Life.

Kind of Normal has delivered these 33 brutally honest facts about every day life. Some made us laugh and some made us cry. Created by the creative duo known as Wumo, Danish writer Mikael Wulff and cartoon artists Anders Morgenthaler have made some scary insights into the Western world.

your knowledge of the traffic laws

tissue paper art

available applications on facebook

content of women's magazines

religions extremism

man's scandals

the most dangerous foods according to dietary experts

opening hours of banks

bananas art design

 the evolution of digital media

the biggest lies on the internet

things that melt

what helicopters do in movies

contens of a tube of toothpaste

your weekly schedule

your suburban neighborhood

are men helpful?

about online dating

salary index

blueprint of

weightlifting art

wasting time

grilled steak and chicken

what tips mean

enthusiasm at concerts

what smoke detectors warn you of

how long a human can live without

cat ladies

how facebook invites work

what it means when someone says you look tired

when you are going to the movies