GIVEAWAY – Get Back to Your Roots with Far Cry Primal

For casual gamers, Far Cry may be known as the game that seemed to have photo-realistic graphics years ago on PC. The gameplay used to be less known for its creativity and more for its beauty but times have changed. The series has continued to grow and expand what it includes in gameplay offerings, and it now is also offered on all of the next-gen platforms. While the most recent release, Far Cry 4, was an open world action-adventure shooter set in a lush country, the newest one is changing up the game again and pushing the envelope even further. Far Cry Primal will be set in the Stone Age for an incredibly unique experience that is almost unmatched from any other game out there.

The game is mere weeks away from release and excitement is building fast. The setting is the Stone Age, an ancient time of extreme danger and limitless adventure in unfamiliar locales. This timeframe means that your opponents will not be foot soldiers and rival armies, rather you will be dueling with giant mammoths and sabertooth tigers. Needless to say it is way cooler than your average video game. As a human at the bottom of the food chain, you will take on the role of the last survivor of an indigenous hunting group. Throughout the game, you will learn to craft a deadly arsenal of weapons and tools which will equip you to fend off wild predators and outsmart rival tribes. The ultimate goal is to conquer the land of the Oros and become the Apex Predator – a lofty, extremely alpha-male-eque goal which will be awesome to pursue.


As we are all accustomed to, the graphics look insane. The game pushes the boundaries of what the current-gen of consoles is capable of doing and the results look to be truly incredible. Environments are rendered in amazing detail and you’ll really feel like you are wandering around as an unsophisticated tribesman. If you have the time, go watch some videos in HD and you will be truly blown away. Playing the game will be a visceral experience that will make you feel even better about living in the twenty first century. As you plan, fight, attack and hunt your way through the world, every hour will be a new battle. Mark it down now – Far Cry Primal – Savage at Heart! Available February 23 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and March 1 on PC may be the day you stop socializing for a few weeks as you are glued to the controller night after night.


 far cry primal ps4 special edition

We’re giving away three copies of Far Cry Primal for Playstation 4 thanks to Ubisoft. All you have to do to enter is be subscribed to our email newsletter (all existing subscribers are already entered!). The competition closes on the 23rd of February and we’ll notify the winners via email as well as announcing it on our Facebook page.

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