A Woman Watched a YouTube Vid on ‘How To Find Diamonds’ Found a 3.72 Carat Yellow Diamond

If you found a YouTube video titled “How To Find Diamonds”, you would never in a million years think it would actually help make you rich, right?

And if you were actually looking for diamonds, you would never in a million years think, “I’ll just check YouTube to find out how”, right?

Me neither. And THAT is why you and I are stuck here poor as church mice, while Miranda Hollingshead of Texas is living it up in Diamondsville.

For it was young Miranda who travelled to Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park with her family to seek diamonds. And it was Miranda who, when the rest of the fam continued to slave away at their analogue diamond-hunting techniques, sat down and had a good long look at YouTube to find out how it could assist.

On the site, she found a video on how to find diamonds. After watching intently, she glanced down at the ground and – yes really – there was a diamond just sitting there. A 3.72-carat yellow diamond, in fact: the second-biggest yet found at the park.

Now, Miranda didn’t share the details of the video she viewed: it’s possible that the instructions it gave were not “To find diamonds, watch this video for a bit and then just look at the ground and there’ll be one there”. But that does seem to be a successful method to follow, so excuse us if we grab our iPhones and head to Arkansas without delay.