Andvinyly Will Turn Your Remains into a Vinyl Record When You Die

How do you want to be remembered when you die? If you are a music lover, you can have U.K. based company Andvinyly turn your ashes into the soundtrack that best defines your life. Sound too creepy to believe? Well, it is true. Even stranger is the fact that you can choose to have your entire body or just individual body parts pressed into the record.

Andvinyly offers several different packages. With the basic package, they take your created ashes and press them into 30 discs that have 12 minutes of audio on each side. You supply the sound—it can be anything you want. So, you can choose your favourite songs, a special message for loved ones or compose something original.

The discs come with unique artwork and have your name, date of birth and date of death. That is the basic package, but the company offers lots of add-ons. You have the option of providing a photo for the original artwork or sitting for a pre-death photo session. The company can even have original music written and produced just for you.

Do you want your pet dog to be immortalised on vinyl? Well, Andvinyly can do that too. What a great way to remember Fido.

Although all of this might seem a little unsettling, it is a very cool way to remember a loved one or a pet. So, how would you feel about having your ashes turned into a vinyl record? Is this cool or just plain creepy?

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