38 Life Lessons from a 38-Year-Old is Worth Reading

London Local Declan Cashin turned 38 recently, and to mark the occasion, he went to Twitter to share 38 life lessons that he had “learned or learned to accept” in his lifetime. While his original Twitter following only included 29,000 people, his list has gone much farther than that. The response was mostly positive, with people remarking that the list was inspirational and hilarious, among other responses.

Those negative responses, however, didn’t bother Cashin, who works for the social media network. Cashin welcomed “mockery and trolling.” What he may not have expected, however, was for the list to ring true to so many people.

Some of the nuggets of wisdom found in the list include the advice to find a therapist, “even if you think you don’t need one. Especially if you think you don’t need one.” Most of Cashin’s advice falls into the arena of taking care of one’s self—from physical and mental health to finances and more. On finances, Cashin warns, “Debt is an absolutely soul-destroying problem. It stops you from living your life.” Cashin speaks from experience, stating, “I’ve spent most of my thirties tackling and living with personal debt.”

Many of Cashin’s pearls of wisdom are things that you’ve heard from your parents and grandparents. Cashin includes things like going to a dentist or reading more books. But Cashin also provides plenty of personal information as well. Wandering away from the general, Cashin admits, “I’m no 38 and I’ve never been in a relationship. Ever. Not for longer than 2-3 months, and even then I didn’t give it my full heart.” Cashin comes from a place of pain, admitting to being on anti-depressants for the last five years. But he also has a touching sense of humor that adds levity to the read.

Whatever your age, Cashin’s list has something for you. You don’t have to be in your late thirties to gain something from Cashin’s ideas, you just have to be open to learning.

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