This Bloke Will Have You Questioning Your Definition of “Tin Shed”

You can get it taking out the bins; you can get it stuffing a shed full of tins.

Spending 15 years getting lit, or swimming through a giant VB-can ball-pit.

In a town called Moonta, which is of course in South Australia, (you know Moonta. Just south of Wallaroo and west of Balaklava. Northwest of Younghusband. ‘Straya), one man has decided to take his love of both VB and upcycling (or perhaps disdain for recycling) to the next level, and fill an entire shed with the remains of his 15-year love affair with the Very Best.

At an average of just under six tinnies a day, the nameless man, who might as well be our PM, can be seen in this YouTube video swimming through his giant ball-pit of cans, obligatory ciggie in-mouth. Tins spill over the side as he tells the woman with the camera to “Get outta here!”, and the video, which is a lot to take in, is all but over in the space of a minute.

bloke will questioning tin shed victoria bitter

While a couple of errant red tins can be seen floating about in the mix (and one tetra-pack, which I’m really hoping was Sunshine Punch), the majority of empty cans are iconic green bullets, Victoria’s finest export, and without question the best cold beer.

Whether for fun, frivolity or as a crafty retirement plan (let’s not forget that these bad boys, once empty, are worth 10c a pop at collection depots when sold in South Australia), the places from which people draw inspiration seem to be limitless, suffice to say that with a little imagination, you can get it any old how.

‘Smatter of fact, I’ve got it now.

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