Breaking the Mold: Post-it Brand’s Extreme Notes

Nine times out of ten, I’m going to tell you that no, Post-it Notes are not extreme… well, that tenth time has become apparent, and for good reason. Post-it Brand has developed Extreme Notes that go above and beyond the normal call of duty for a Post-it Note.

post it brand extreme notes different colors

Post-it Extreme Notes come in packs of 45 of either yellow, orange, blue or green. They are water resistant, durable and writable, and remove cleanly from any surface. As opposed to the light and flaky typical paper, these are made with ultra-strong, dura-hold paper and adhesive that sticks in hot or cold environments. These can be applied indoor or outdoor and are made to hold in even the wettest conditions.

post it brand extreme notes market appeal

Ideal for construction work, culinary arts, design or architecture and so much more, Post-it Brand has found a new market to appeal to and go after, an impressive move by a company that has been so entrenched in their industry for the duration of their corporate life.

post it notes on water tab

While this innovation is not as exciting as a hover board or as cool as an invisible jet, these small but impressive inventions are the ones that have a real chance to positively impact the work of a lot of individuals. At a price point of 4.99 for 3 packs, these sell for similar prices to typical Post-it Notes making this not only a great innovation, but a bargain as well.

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post it notes other design color paper

post it notes water resistance

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