The Buddha Board is Artful Stress Relief

The Buddha Board makes creating Japanese Sumi art easy. No doubt you’ve seen the elegant, simple, and beautiful Japanese Sumi art. This centuries old art form has long been used as a means of meditation and stress relief. The Buddha Board gives you a start in this relaxing art form. With no special training or instruction, you can use the Buddha Board to unleash your imagination and release your tension.

buddha art board

Using the board is simple. Just fill the stand with water, then dip your brush in the water and let your hand roam free across the canvas. You can paint, draw, write, or practice calligraphy. The water creates an black ink image. As the water dries, the image will start to fade. Depending on how saturated the brush was, the canvas can take from three to ten minutes to dry. Once completely dry, you’ll have a new blank canvas to work on.

The Buddha Board consists of a stand with a water trough and a canvas that measures 12 inches high by nine inches wide, by ¼ inch thick.

buddha art board in the box

The Buddha Board can help you tap into the Zen practice of living in the moment, teaching you to enjoy the fleeting as you watch your artwork slowly fade away, making room for your next experiences. You can get lost in the canvas, which frees your mind to resolve the stresses of the day.

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