Craig Hill’s New Tycho Puzzle is Stunning and Intriguing

Craig Hill is a design studio based out of Brooklyn that produces some beautiful pieces. Their bracelets, knives, key rings, and other goods are display-worthy. But it’s their puzzles that really set the company apart. Their Ven Puzzle and Jack Puzzle are both entertaining and stunning. Their newest puzzle, the Tycho Puzzle, ups the game even more.

Unlike their previous puzzles, the Tycho Puzzle is a combination of eight different pieces. These pieces are assembled together to form a 1.8 inch cube with an interior cavity. The edges of the cube are gently rounded, so the cube is easy on the hands and comfortable to hold. Four of the pieces are made from stainless steel while the remaining four are made of brass. Each piece features a satin finish. The result is an eye-catching and eye-pleasing two-tone exterior that will look great on your desk. And yes, it’s just as heavy as it sounds, weighing in at 1.5 pounds—this is a paperweight that will anchor the clutter on your desk. The Tycho Puzzle comes in a custom cork box, which is just as handsome as the puzzle itself and makes for a nice display of the puzzle.

When you need to kill time, you’ll discover that the Tycho Puzzle isn’t nearly as easy as you might have initially assumed. A simple stacked approach won’t work, as you’ll find that there are interferences and asymmetries that prevent such an assembly. The nuances will keep you focused and entertained. You’ll also come to appreciate the intricate manufacturing process, which involved both die-casting and precision machining. You can pick up the Tycho Puzzle for $85 through Kickstarter. You can also pair it with Craig Hill’s other puzzles and even pick up multiples to be used as gifts.

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