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These Famous Logos Cop a 2020 Coronavirus Redesign

When you’re working from home, it can be hard to find that creative spark, particularly under circumstances like the one we find ourselves in currently. But it hasn’t been a problem for Jure Tovrljan, a Slovenian design agency director. The Ljubljana-based creative director is blowing up online after he reimagined some of the world’s most iconic logos, with a neat little coronavirus spin.

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Coronavirus Logos Starbucks

The instantly-recognisable Starbucks logo now features a timely face mask, the active silhouette of Jerry West that basketball fans know as the NBA logo has been altered to show a lounging laptop user and Nike’s iconic “Just Do It” swish has been changed to”Just Don’t Do It”. In fact, Tovrljan has even redesigned the Olympic Rings to show the five coloured circles demonstrating effective social distancing measures.

Coronavirus Logos NBA

According to AdAge, Tovrljan got the idea for the coronavirus logos while ordering a coffee from Starbucks. From there, things just escalated. “Things around COVID-19 seriously started to go out of hand and all my social media feeds were flooded with cheap memes,” he says. “I decided to revive an old passion, logo design and I saw an opportunity for some quality content that I would be glad to see on my social feed in these difficult times.”

Coronavirus Logos Olympics

Tovrljan featured the logos on his Behance page, not long after advertisers made actual adjustments to their logos. Agency Gut reworked Latin American technology company Mercado Libre’s mark, which features a handshake, into a symbol with a fistbump, prompting the question; could coronavirus be ushering in a new era for design? Beats us, but you’ve got to admit, that Mastercard logo is pretty clever.

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Coronavirus Logos Mastercard

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