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A fly in Mike Pence's hair

Funniest Reactions & Best Mike Pence Fly Memes

The fly that landed atop Mike Pence’s head has amassed quite the following since its appearance at the Vice President debate. Buzzing in for a close-up look at the heated contest between Pence and Democratic vice-president nominee Kamala Harris, not even the fly itself could have imagined stealing away so much of the world’s attention. Taking to Twitter to speak to its vertebrate brethren, we now learn the fly has taken up a rent-free residency on the Vice President’s head. Living the dream.

Can’t help but wonder if Mike Pence may have been filming a casting reel for an indie retelling of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. “They are probably looking at me…let them. Let them see what kind of person I am I never hurt a fly, I hope they’re watching, they’ll see… They’ll see and they’ll know “Because he couldn’t hurt a fly.”