Gerard Mas Carves Animal Sculptures from Giant Tree Trunks

Pet lovers are always looking for ways to immortalise their beloved friends. Gerard Mas, a sculptor out of Barcelona, has been taking thick slabs of wood from massive tree trunks to then create lifelike carvings of dogs and cats. The process is very involved, requiring hours of cutting and chiselling followed with carefully finishing the wood to preserve it.

brown dog animal sculpture

The wood itself serves to provide extra detail to the carving, but where specific details are needed to match the animal, Mas burns the wood’s surface, perfectly replicating the fur of a Doberman and a German Shepherd. What Mas doesn’t carve away from the wood slab remains as the pedestal for the sculpture.

black dog animal sculpture staring

Mas first made a name for himself by creating busts of people dressed in Renaissance-style clothing but with modern flair, using things like tattoos and piercing, bikini tan lines, bubble gum and suckers, and cheeky behaviour like sticking out your tongue or picking your nose.

cat animal sculpture

Mas’s animal sculptures keep that playful tone with the comments that offer insight into the piece, such as a note on the French bulldog’s size relating to his role as a guard dog, or by naming the sculpture of a Siamese cat “Schrodinger’s Cat”—a reference to physicist Erwin Schrodinger’s famous thought experiment.

animal sculpture black dog

Represented by the Barcelona gallery 3 Punts, Mas most recently exhibited at the KunstRAI art fair in Amsterdam. Fans of his work can follow him and see both projects that have been completed and those that are still in the works on his Instagram page. Mas may not take requests, but if you’re a pet fan, you’ll definitely appreciate the extreme detail that Mas goes through in creating a sculpture that not only captures the form of the animal, but also the character and spirit. You can see the personality coming through in his sculptures, making them all the more realistic.

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