10and2 Car Prints

Photographer, designer and product developer Matthew Hoss came up with an interesting collection of prints that depict classic and collector cars. Hoss’s collection consists of illustrated prints of some of the most unique Volkswagon buses, Porsches and Range Rovers ever made.

You can tell that Matthew Hoss is a fan of rally and offroad vehicles. Many of the illustrations have accessories and kits added to them to make them off-road worthy. One of my favourites is the Safari-green Porsche 911. The Rally Z is also very neat.

10and2 car prints two different models

Some of the vehicles featured in the collection include the Porsche Rally Cayman and the Lamborghini LP 400. There is also the blue Gladiator pickup truck from the movie Tremors and a Volkswagen Kombi van that is available both with and without Martini Racing livery. He also has a blacked out Porsche 911 with cargo box.

Whether you fancy a Porsche Cabriolet, vintage Mercedes or a Defender, you are sure to find something in Hoss’s collection to hang on your walls. There are currently more than 30 different prints available. However, if the car of your dreams has not been drawn yet, you can request a custom illustration from Hoss.

10and2 car prints micro bus and jeep

Each simple drawing is available in either an 8×10-inch vertical print or a 4×6-inch horizontal print. Hoss also has a Watercolor Series Illustrations collection available if you prefer them. Go ahead and clear out some wall space at home or the office and grab a couple of your favourite prints.

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