Huawei’s 100 Portraits Exhibition Puts the P10’s Leica Camera on Show

Huawei’s collaboration with renowned German camera house Leica has been celebrated by photographers on-the-go since they first released the P9 – with a lens that rivalled not just other phones on the market but indeed, other cameras. The P10 and P10 Plus, both sitting at the top tier of the smartphone market in terms of quality, feature a dual-camera from Leica on the rear: a 20MP monochromatic lens and a 12MP colour lens, a unique format which lends itself to a world of interesting capabilities for capturing images.

huawei p10's leica camera click man hand's thin

To show off the prowess of these phones, Huawei enlisted a small group of talented photographers from different corners of the globe and gave them each a new phone and a simple brief: capture portraits, in landscape mode, that tell a story. Australia and New Zealand’s contribution was made by Stu Robertson, a self-professed pickpocket with no formal training in photography.

huawei p10"s potrait capture man emotion

The portraits capture an array of emotion, reflecting the human condition and opening a small window into the lives of others, especially those who may otherwise go unnoticed. From a meth-addled prostitute to a guy who loves Michael Jordan so much he had the iconic number 23 singlet tattooed over his torso, the portraits are raw, powerful and are of a quality which both flaunts the quality of the camera and shows off some of its tricks (check out the juxtaposition of the Michael Jordan tattoo guy with his figure in black and white and his reflection in colour – just one of the phone’s many capabilities).

Check it out

huawei p10"s potrait capture funny mode

huawei p10″s potrait capture funny mode

huawei p10"s potrait capture emo girl

huawei p10"s potrait capture workout

huawei p10"s potrait capture skinny girl

huawei p10"s potrait capture stylish woman

huawei p10"s potrait capture standing beside wall

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