Ink Box Semi Permanent Tattoos Are for the Commitment-phobic

If you’ve thought about getting some ink, but aren’t sure that you’ll want to spend the rest of your life looking at the same image or message, then Ink Box Semi Permanent Tattoos are what you’re looking for. Ink Box tattoos use the same process that tribes in South America have used for centuries to mark and decorate their bodies. By using the pulp of the huito fruit (Genipa americana), tribes in Panama dye their skin, often covering large areas but also creating intricate and delicate designs. Ink Box took this same idea, extracting from the huito fruit the ink needed to make their temporary tattoos. Because the inks come from natural sources, they are all FDA approved and safe for your skin. The huito ink works by soaking into the top layer of your skin—the epidermis. There, it reacts with your skin to change its color temporarily. The ink is skin-safe, painless, and all natural.

Application is simple. The first is similar to the tattoos you would get as a child. Using the application sticker, moisten the design and allow it to transfer to your skin in less than 15 minutes. You can choose from existing designs or create your own design. Unlike those tattoos you had as a kid, Ink Box tattoos won’t flake off after a couple of days. The second application method allows for freehand design, so if you feel artistic, give this method a try.

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ink box semi permanent tattoos drawing in hand

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