Jac Zagoory’s Astronaut Pen Holder Helps Unleash Your Words

If you haven’t heard of Jac Zagoory, then you’re missing out on some incredible creativity. His One Giant Step piece uses the iconic image of an astronaut to make an interesting pen holder that you can use to keep your pen where you need it and to dress up your desk.

Zagoory attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, and that training is abundantly evident in the work he does. At the institute, Zagoory focused on jewelry design and fabrication. In those studies, he found inspiration in metal sculpting. As for the pen, the simple implement has always had a spot in Zagoory’s heart. The pen is where he first found his roots in design, and where he turns to every day to exercise his artistic ability. With the training he needed and with plenty of creativity, Zagoory turned his attention to one area that needed an artist’s touch—desk accessories. Zagoory has designed an extensive array of penholders, cardholders, pens, and other lifestyle products. His site reads, “With his vision, the office, the home, the desk have become places where great beauty melds with function, where art compliments art.” It’s hard to disagree with that statement.

Astronaut Pen Holder box

The One Giant Step piece depicts an astronaut on a moonscape. It’s part Apollo and part MTV moon man, but it’s all art. The astronaut is positioned in such a way that he can hold onto your pen, keeping it within an arm’s reach at all times. Just as the pen represents the freedom of expression and the ability to create, “the astronaut is a representative of exploration, indomitable spirt and a viable symbol that dreams and desires are attainable.” The Astronaut Pen Holder is made of zinc and weighs approximately one pound. It stand almost four inches tall and is just over two inches wide with a depth of about two inches. It’s priced at $75. Your thoughts already race into the expanses, make sure that you have a guardian familiar with uncharted territory holding the tool you’ll use to express those thoughts.

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