James Bond Prints Are the Perfect Addition to Your Man Cave

The world celebrated the 100 year anniversary of Sir Ian Fleming’s birth in 2008. The English author, journalist, and naval intelligence officer is best known for creating the iconic MI6 spy, James Bond. To commemorate that centenary event, Penguin Books commissioned British born, San Francisco based artist Michael Gillette to create covers for limited edition hardbacks of Fleming’s books.

Gillette created 15 designs for the books.

James Bond Prints

“I approached the Ian Fleming Estate,” explains Gillette, “and asked if they would grant me the license to make limited edition art prints of the highest quality, and in 2013 we started a partnership which endures, and I am very grateful for.” Produced by Electric Works Gallery, the prints are made with archival inks on 100 per cent cotton heavyweight rag paper.

Each is signed and numbered. The prints are now available in two sizes and can be purchased on Gillette’s website. The prints feature the title of the work, of course, but also feature one of the most admired aspects of the Bond stories—the Bond girls.

“I have always had a great affinity with the culture and ethos of the ’60s and ’70s, and felt completely at home making the covers,” states Gillette. “It was a great honour to be asked, and I felt the responsibility to get it right. They were crafted over the course of a couple of months, a real purple patch!” The prints are stunning and appeal to fans of the secret agent and art connoisseurs alike.

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