Kendall and Cara Are Unrecognizable in Chaos’s Calendar

Chaos SixtyNine picked up a couple of big names for their 2020 calendar—not that you’ll recognize them. Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne are the subjects for the luxury brand’s new calendar, and while they put on display their incredible looks and bodies, you’ll be hard-pressed to recognize them.

chaos calendar model kendall jenner and cara delevingne

The images of the calendar show Jenner and Delevingne in highly stylized outfits and sporting blonde bowl cuts. The duo have been friends for years now—who can forget “CaKe” (CAra and Kendall) from 2015? For the calendar, the friends are back at it. The photos are revealing and chic. One pic has them posing topless wearing overalls, while March’s shows them at a construction site donning hard hats. Each of the photos follows along with that construction theme (though any worker who showed up dressed like Jenner and Delevingne would undoubtedly be sent home—unless they looked like either Cara or Kendall). Aside from the platinum blond wigs, the pair also wore black and gray, and Kendall sported a caramel-coloured wig for another. Videos of the shoot show how much fun the bosom buddies had shooting the calendar, and that joy comes across in the photos as well.

The calendar features 24 perforated pages, two for each month, that can be torn out and used as posters, 40 in all, for your wall. Each of the images is also accompanied by Cara and Kendall’s favourite cake—get it? CaKe—recipes, including recipes for red velvet cake and New York cheesecake. This new release is the fourth issue of Chaos SixtyNine, the publication from CHAOS. The luxury brand was founded by Katie Lyall and Charlotte Stockdale. The calendar features the photographic work of Dexter Navy. The calendar comes with two covers and is priced at $54.00.

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