Kristina Makeeva Holds Fashion Shoot on World’s Deepest Lake

The world’s deepest and clearest lake is a sight to behold in and of itself, but now there’s even more reason to enjoy its splendor. Siberia’s Lake Baikal was the setting for a fashion shoot for photographer Kristina Makeeva, who is known for her travel and fashion photography. Makeeva worked with SmugMug to commission fashion that would highlight the beauty of the land, and the models.

Fashion Photo Shoot Taken with stalactites view

“Baikal is a very beautiful place but it’s also a very spiritual place. It has an energy that you can feel. It has a transcendental element that really drives my creativity. It’s another world and one of my favorite places on earth,” says Makeeva, who grew up in Moscow. It was growing up in those dull, grey streets that sparked Makeeva’s imagination. Now she uses that imagination to create art that fall into what she calls the “magical realism” genre. Her Baikal photos use props, color, and poses to pull you into the setting, and to unleash your own creativity. The photos are often single frame pictures, but a few are also composites. Either way, they showcase Makeeva’s keen eye and fantastical imagination.

Fashion Photo Shoot Taken on Top of World’s Deepest Lake

“Kristina Makeeva dreams with her eyes open,” says SmugMug. “Giving life to her whimsical imagination as a child, she reimagines the sprawling wilds of Siberia as dreamscapes where anything feels possible. Contrasting natural light and settings with surreal subjects and pops of technicolor, Kristina captures what happens when you blur the line between the tangible and intangible, the ethereal and the real, when you stop seeing and start dreaming.” Aptly put, but you can’t fully capture just how magical Makeeva’s work is until you see it for yourself. Her work is a perfect blend of the surroundings and fashion, and represents well what imagination can do for each of us.

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Fashion Photo Shoot Taken during sunset view

Fashion Photo Shoot Taken withe balloons

Fashion Photo Shoot Taken coolest view of the lake

Fashion Photo Shoot Taken icy lake

Fashion Photo Shoot Taken with erruption view