Some Legend Gone and Done an Aussie Pokedex

Australians are never a bunch to shy away from celebrating our dagginess. It’s an inherent trait so fondly associated with our Pacific nation, and after all, we invite it upon ourselves. From Paul Hogan to Steve Irwin; Dame Edna to Lara Bingle, our ambassadors have always been a bunch of larrikins who’ve done Australia proud by giving us a reputation as a country full of deadly animals and loose units. Throw all the mud you like, it just won’t stick; to add kerosene to the fires of national reverse self-aggrandisement is this effort from cartoonist Paul Robertson.

Where others beat their own drum (upturned Esky), some take an already popular meme and reappropriate it as their own. Here, Robertson has taken an entire Pokedex worth of childhood favourites and replaced them all with Australian themed Pokemon, in the form of some seriously amusing pixel art. It’s less Pokemon Go, more Pokemon Go Dip Yer Eye in Hot Cocky Cack.

The list includes such genius creations as ‘Loonapark’, ‘Getfuctcnt’, ‘Corobberbee’ and ‘Boomer’ (a boomerang , not a retiree with several negatively geared rental properties, alas.) Some even show all stages of evolution, and there are at least two sensible reminders of our inventiveness as a nation.

Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, and all of them are good for a chuckle – see below for the full list. Gotta catch ’em all? Nah, yeah.

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