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Reddit user builds a mandalorian baby yoda in lego from scratch

LEGO Baby Yoda

You’re not going to find the kit anywhere but in your imagination, but that didn’t stop a Reddit user from building his own LEGO version of the baby Yoda from Disney’s uber-popular “The Mandalorian.”

The only LEGO set we’ve seen so far for “The Mandalorian” is the AT-ST Raider from the fourth episode. Unfortunately that set doesn’t come with a minifigure, much less a baby Yoda. Arguably the cutest and most memorable part of the series, baby Yoda will do doubt be the subject of many toys in the near future, but until then, you’ll have to follow the example of u/hachiroku24 and make your own. The baby Yoda is made using unaltered LEGOs from other sets—including the cloth that the baby is wrapped in (it comes from a posable Obi-Wan buildable figure from 2015). Baby Yoda’s ears come from a Goblin-themed set that was released in 2017. If you want to know exactly how to build the figure, u/hachiroku24 posted a video of the build and walks through the whole project. Jumping into the fray, u/oosquirrel, another Reddit user, modeled the figure in Bricklink Studio. This service is an online 3D modeler that is used by LEGO designers. For this particular model, the Bricklink Studio workup even offers an Easy Buy feature that lets you purchase the necessary pieces from LEGO parts vendors around the world. It may cost a bit more than official kits, but trying to gather the 123 pieces on your own would be a difficult and frustrating experience.

This isn’t the first LEGO baby Yoda to grace the Internet. Brothers Brick reported on another version from Miro Dudas. This build also features instructions, which can be found on Rebrickable.

We may be waiting a while before we see much merchandise from “The Mandalorian,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with your own. That is, after all, the point behind LEGOs—building whatever you can imagine with tiny building blocks.

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