Lego Ideas Ship in a Bottle

It all started with an idea. Then it became a challenge.

Jake Sadovich decided he wanted to build a LEGO ship in a bottle after having built an actual ship in 2016. After living through the joy and excitement of building and sending off his vessel, he came up with the idea to try and extend these emotions to LEGO kits as well.

lego ideas ship bottle on the floor

The LEGO element Ship in a Bottle set is not quite in stores yet, but is expected to be reaching land on February 1st, 2018. In exciting fashion, a designer-signing will accompany the release where Jake Sadovich will join with the LEGO team to sign copies of the new LEGO set inspired by his idea.

lego ideas ship bottle on the case

The Ship in a Bottle set comes complete with a detailed captain’s quarters, cannons, masts, crow’s nest, flag, printed sails, the bottle to house your ship, an ornate stand, and a plethora of blue bead-blocks to serve as water.

lego ideas ship bottle ship

This initiative is another great example of LEGO striving to assist and engage with its audience. Utilizing the idea of one of its consumers is an impressive step towards demonstrating that they put their consumers first and want to continue innovating, even though they remain at the top of their industry.

Check it out

lego ideas ship bottle box

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