Makedo Turns Cardboard Into a Creative Pastime

Unleash your inner child–or buy something nice for the literal child in your life–by scoping the Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolset. Touting Ikea-like approachability, the set includes all the reusable tools you or your kid would need to turn the nearest cardboard into a work of art. Good for endless hours of entertainment, you might find yourself unexpectedly impressed with the results.

makedo cardboard bag

Using the Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolset is as easy as it is addictive. In keeping with its workmanlike vibe, the set comes with various “scrus”, as well as scru-drivers, safe-saws, and mini-tools. To get started, grab a safe-saw and punch a hole through the cardboard. Next, apply a scru using the scru-driver. Suddenly, those assorted cardboard components are combining to form something spectacular. Meanwhile, not only are the scrus (and other tools) reusable, but surprisingly strong as well. Indeed, the only limitations are the borders of your own imagination…and the amount of cardboard you can score, of course. Seriously, though–it’s kind of insane what some people build using this set!

While the Mikado Toolset is aimed primarily at kids, adults can certainly have a little fun with it. Of course, if you’d rather get to work on a real set of tools instead, we certainly wouldn’t blame you. In that scenario, we suggest buying the Mikado Toolset for your child or relative, so that he (or she) might one day grow up to be as inventive and handy as you are.

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