Mini Materials Ultimate Sampler Kit is as Real as Real Gets

When it comes to miniatures, authenticity is the ideal that is rarely achieved. Sure, some products come close to simulating the real thing, but there’s always that little bit that’s just a touch off. Such is not the case with Mini Materials.

Mini Materials uses the same recipes as actual, life-size versions of the building materials they make. That means that the miniature cinder blocks are made of the same cement as full-scale cinder blocks. There’s not plastic involved; no paint to make the blocks “appear” real. They’re completely cement, and completely authentic.

mini materials ultimate sampler kit

Mini Materials makes their products in a variety of scales, but regardless of the size, the materials stay the same. They make cinder blocks, red bricks, jersey barriers, pallets, and lumber amongst others, and they use real cement, wood, and nails, all handmade in the USA. The miniatures make for great fidget toys, but are also ideal for teaching math and architecture. Hobbyists will love the realism of these materials as well for any dioramas, dollhouses, or models.

The Ultimate Sampler Kit comes with a pallet each of 1:12 and 1:18 cinder blocks, a pallet of 1:12 empress breeze blocks, a pallet of 1:12 vista view breeze blocks, and a pallet each of 1:6 and 1:12 red bricks. It also comes with a five pack of mahogany pallet coasters. In other words, it comes with everything you need to start building today.

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