Nelson Mandela’s Never-Before-Seen Art Drawings Revealed On His 100th Birthday

Nelson Mandela was great at a lot of things; humility, kindness and being one of the world’s most well-known leaders, but we bet you didn’t know he was also a pretty good artist. According to Madiba’s daughter Makaziwe Mandela-Amuah, the former president of South-Africa turned to art as a way of expressing himself after he retired from the presidency. He used his art to portray his life including where he came from, his struggles and his spirit.

nelson mandela printing

His daughter further goes on to say that in his old age, he found it amusing that he could still learn and start something new. Given that one of Mandela’s most famous quotes, that’s still being echoed across the world today, was “It always seems impossible until it is done”, it makes sense that he would master becoming a great sketch artist.

nelson mandela sitting

All his collections including “The Struggle” and “Homeland” series have been shown to the world for the very first time yesterday on the day that would have marked his 100th birthday. All these original artwork pieces are available to purchase directly from the House of Mandela website, which undoubtedly will sell out fast as art lovers across the world will jump to own a piece of modern history from arguably the world’s most well-known man.

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nelson mandela cow art

nelson mandela courtesy of house

mosque of nelson mandela art

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