One Frame for All Your Art with the Depict Frame

One of the worst things about art on the wall is that it’s only one picture. Maybe you love it one year but hate it the next, forcing you to take it down and banish it to some closet, or sell it at a garage sale for way less than you paid for it or give it away as a gift to, say, a family member you secretly dislike. And then you’re left with a blank space on your wall and you have to go out and buy another piece of art, with the lingering feel you may one day grow to hate it as well. It’s a vicious cycle, this art buying—until now, with the advent of the Depict Frame.

one art sleek wood frame

This digital canvas blends cutting edge 4k Ultra HD quality within a sleek wood frame, allowing you to display a certain piece of art one minute and then switch to another piece of art the next, either with a click of a button or automatically, based on the frame’s settings. You can upload HD pictures of your own art or photos or select to display images from a massive catalogue of art that Depict offers, in either a complimentary collection available when you purchase the frame or a premium collection that you pay for with a subscription. There is even a unique wall mount that comes with every frame allowing you to switch between portrait to landscape photos and art pieces.

So much for dealing with the expensive and frustrating process of ever buying or hanging art ever again.

Check it out

one frame art women and nature

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