A Paper Sculptor at the Next Level

We all constructed crude paper airplanes at some point during our youth, to either float off a balcony at a mall or fling across a classroom or just toss around in the backyard to see what it was all about. Most nosedived into the earth. A few more actually flew, but not well. Then there was one which would fly like it was being controlled by something else entirely, like it defied the laws of gravity. And you would always wonder who that kid was, even if you knew them, how they knew how to fold in the right place the right way.

a paper sculptor top view

Ji Hee Lee was one of those kids, growing up in South Korea. Known today as the paper artist, he has created a wide variety of objects out of nothing but paper, sculptures that are surreal and remarkably well constructed. While he may be best known for the series of vintage papercraft cameras sculptures he has created, there doesn’t seem to be many things be can’t fashion out of paper with the right colors and time. One may say this is advanced origami, but it is in fact something known as kirigami, as scissors and glue are used. However the three dimensional pieces and the attention to detail is unlike any other paper sculptor out there.

You can visit Lee’s work here and even purchase it online.

a paper sculptor front side

a paper sculptor on the table

a paper sculptor drawing

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