The Plumbus X is Here to Smildge Your Floops

Nimrod Zaguri has created his Sistine Chapel.

A 3D artist and character designer, whose self-proclaimed interests lie in web pop culture and “nerdy stuff,” Nimrod has been rolling around the internet for a while. Just recently, he has produced a 101-second short, detailing the Plumbus X. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “What the fuck is a Plumbus X?”

I thought you’d never ask.

The Plumbus X is an imagined, amorphous bulb with detachable parts, all seemingly phallic and made for some perverse kind of erotic stimulation. Nimrod places the Plumbus X on a black background and the spot has a voiceover that is eerily reminiscent of Apple handheld product announcements.

While the whole video is cackle-inducing, I almost fell out of my chair when our narrator explains that the ‘grodus,’ is now detachable and can be utilized wirelessly.

I don’t want to give anything else away, so head over to Nimrod’s personal YouTube channel, to see this clip for yourself. And if you get too excited while watching, don’t forget to only use a dab of flurb-jurb jelly for lubrication.

Check it out

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