Pre-Order Pop Chart’s Not-Yet-Finished “Game of Thrones” Poster

Game of Thrones is coming to a close with the final confrontation soon to happen. Even the most devoted fans, however, may find it difficult to keep all the various and sundry aspects of the story straight. Pop Chart’s not-yet-finished Game of Thrones Poster can help you keep the facts straight. The poster is a chart of the Seven Kingdoms, offering a collection of the many different parts that make up the show, from artifacts and armaments, to regalia and more.

You’ll find house sigils, Westerosian delicacies, and even Valyrian steel. Other objects and ornaments, as well as landmarks and even the fantastical beasts of the story, like dire wolves and dragons, made it onto the poster. The chart tracks all the countless claims to the Iron Throne, and will be updated as the final season airs to reflect who the true queen, or king, will be.

pre-order game of thrones poster

You can select from a number of finishes, including print only or mounted on a panel. The poster is also available with a black, white, cherry, or walnut frame. The frames are made in Pop Chart’s Brooklyn woodshop. Prices range from just USD$30 for the print only up to USD$120 for a framed version.

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game of thrones poster on the wall