Rave to Your Heart’s Content Wearing a Sound Reactive LED Mask

Outline Montreal has come up with an electro-luminescent mask, for art and music lovers. It is a continuation of one of their previous lines, now featuring 8 new designs. To fund production, a Kickstarter has been set up.

rave lion led mask

Having easily surpassed their goal of 15,000 (already at 94k at the time of writing this,) Outline Montreal has continued accepting pledges, promising masks to anyone who contributes. As is the case with many crowd-funded projects, the more you contribute, the more choices you will have between which mask you want to receive.

rave dog type led mask

The Sound Reactive LED Mask integrates art and technology harmoniously, to produce a mesmerizing product that transcribes music of any sort into awe-inspiring illuminations.

These LED masks are easily worn, can be folded for carry, and are adjustable to almost any sized head. Powered by phosphorus ink and a lithium modulator, these masks consume little energy and create a warm, captivating glow. The modulator is in place to convert sound into pre-programmed patterns that seem to “dance” with the music playing.

rave black panther led mask

Portable, the LED mask is an accessory you can bring with you wherever you go and can be applied in any situation there’s music. If you want to become PART of the sensation and leave the other spectators behind, this mask is for you.

rave barack obama

Each mask order comes with a stretch LED face plate, a sound reactive modulator, and a USB charger. Head over to Kickstarter to add yourself to the list.

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