Sonic Editions Framed Prints are the Perfect Home Upgrade

Working with the world’s top photographers and image archives, Sonic Editions takes iconic photography and transforms the work into gallery-quality prints for your home. The range of works showcases musicians, actors, and cultural icons.

We’re talking the likes of Sean Connery as James Bond resting against the Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5, Steve McQueen equipped with racing gear for his 1971 film Le Mans, Jackson Pollock creating art, the Apollo 11 moonwalk, Jack Nicholson lighting up a cigarette and Daft Punk in signature attire to name a few.

sonic edition prints mike tyson

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The Sonic Editions are tasteful and affordable, with the monochrome palate being a welcome addition to any decor. Each image is hand-printed to order, set in a handmade wooden frame, and limited to just 495 examples worldwide.

Add some iconic imagery to your home courtesy of Sonic Editions, honour these cultural icons and make them talking points when guests pop round for a glass of wine, a beer or a whisky.

You can explore the complete range of Sonic Editions prints via the link below and take advantage of free shipping.

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sonic edition prints daft punk

sonic edition steve mcqueen