Stadium Map Art is a Stylish Way to Support Your Team

Common scenario: man loves his favourite sports team, wants to show his love for said team by hanging a poster or fat head decal or jersey on wall of home, wife or girlfriend threatens to leave him if he does so. Man is frustrated and disappointed, fighting and animosity ensue in relationship.

But now, thanks to Stadium Map Art, a man can support his beloved team in a way that looks classy and stylish in the main living areas of the home. These pieces of artwork show the aerial views of major sports stadiums and the city grid around them, so that the piece isn’t focused on a team’s color, a specific player or the logo, but rather the city itself and how it has been planned around the presence of the team. Adding to the unique beauty of each piece is the engraved wood medium of the piece, with structures like stadiums rising up in three dimensional detail, while other features like rivers and oceans sink down below the rest of the city.

So while the acknowledgement of the stadium and love and loyalty to a particular team is clear, there’s also true artistic craftsmanship that has gone into each piece of Stadium Map Art. And that’s enough to make any couple see eye to eye on décor.

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