Sydney Contemporary X Deutsche Bank Announce Camera Obscura Installation

Sydney Contemporary, the art fair set to take Sydney by storm once again this September, have announced a unique site-specific art experience for the massive Carriageworks exhibition, in partnership with Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank, who are principal sponsor for the first time, has commissioned Australian award-winning artist Robyn Stacey to produce Double Take, a walk-in ‘camera obscura’ at the Carriageworks site. Double Take will be positioned at the entrance to Sydney Contemporary for the duration of the fair and is open for everyone to experience.

James Roth, Deutsche Bank’s Co-Head of Corporate Finance Australia says: “Through our extensive support of art projects globally, we aim to increase accessibility to contemporary art. Which is why we are delighted to partner with Sydney Contemporary and help reach over 30,000 visitors expected at this year’s fair.

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“Sydney Contemporary is an extension of the bank’s sponsorship of other leading art fairs around the globe, including the Frieze Art Fairs in London and New York as well as the Tokyo Art Fair.”

Camera obscura is Latin for “dark room”, an comprises an inverted real-time cinematic projection of the view form outside onto the walls inside the room. Stacey’s been turning entire rooms into walk-in “camera obscuras” since 2013, though this is the first time she will create a standalone art experience for an art fair. She explains “Double Take … has been created in collaboration with architect Mike Stiff (Stiff + Trevillion) and is purpose built for the site at Carriageworks.

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“I was fascinated by the ability of the simplest and earliest form of optical device to transform the interior of rooms by projecting the outside world via a small hole over the walls, ceiling and floor of the room. As light travels in a straight line the room is wallpapered with the upside down and reverse view of external vistas, creating darkrooms of dramatically projected landscapes.

“The camera obscura explores the malleability of the visible world and raises fundamental questions about vision and how we experience our immediate environment. Double Take is a mirror clad cube that will reflect the Carriageworks site and simultaneously become one with it, camouflaged and morphing into its locale. The site will be lit at night, allowing the cube’s mirrored surface to reflect its location against the night sky.”

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