russian bear has become an instagram sensation

This Famous Russian Bear Has Become an Instagram Sensation

In Russia, bear cuddles you.

I know we usually try to bring you the hottest girls on Instagram each month, and to be honest, we think we do a pretty good job of it.

But believe it or not, there’s a whole different side to Instagram that goes deeper than babes flaunting size two bikinis surrounded by blue-ass water. No, really, there is. In fact, there’s a wealth of photographic delight all around, if you know where to look, that is.

Meet Stepan. Stepan is 25, single (sort of), likes holding hands, long walks through the forest, honey (presumably), and just happens to be 320-odd kilos of purebred brown bear.

Posing for pictures with beautiful women, families, children and the odd tough guy (but mostly beautiful women), Stepan has become somewhat of a meme for those who follow him on Instagram, where his owners, Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko, post images of his antics. Vice recently reported that the enormous, playful mammal lives with his owners, and that they, “…like to go for walks, eat meals together, play sports, and host an array of photo shoots alluding to some kind of bear-woman relationship.”

Stepan, who has been in their care since they found him in a poor state at three months old, also stars in film, seeing as he is so well trained, and for 10,000 rubles (that’s approx. AUD$215), is availabe for birthdays, weddings and bear-mitzvahs (sorry, I couldn’t hold off any longer).

Like most things that come out of Russia, images can do a better job of explaining than we probably can (plus I have no idea how to read Russian and Google Translate isn’t so crash hot with these captions), so we’ll leave you with a selection of some of our favourites from Stepan’s album, or you can follow his account via the link below.

Check it out

“Can I join in?”

“I…. I…. I have a sister?”

“But the third bowl of ramen was juuuuust riiiiight.”

“The invite said there’d be Teddy Bears. I think I’m at the wrong picnic. Soz, guys.”

“I hear what you’re saying Natalia but I still think the film just carried the narrative better.”

“There’d better be 25 kilos of fuck’n salmon in that basket.”

“You… You awake babe?”

“I don’t know mum, you sure the other kids won’t laugh?”

“STEVE I ALREADY TOLD YOU I READ THE SCRIPT OKAY! I just don’t think my character would say that. If anybody needs me I’ll be in my trailer. And who do I have to maul to get a Diet Coke on this fuck’n set? I bet Air Bud didn’t have to ask twice.”

“Do the voices like Dad does!”