This Year’s National Geographic Photo Contest Winners Are Absolutely Stunning

Of all the magazines in and out of print, National Geographic has the biggest reputation for having the most stunning and thought-provoking photos. This past year’s winners of the 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest continue that tradition.

plane landing airplane

Each photo is a story in and of itself—truly being worth a thousand words. The first place photo went to Jassen Todorov, who captured an aerial image of millions of recalled Volkswagen and Audi cars that had been designed to cheat emissions tests in the U.S. The photo definitely earned the title of: “Unreal.”

stunning photo building

From there the contest explored portraits with touching stories, and devastation, like that found in the Khalidlya district in Homs, Syria. The post-apocalyptic world is easily imagined after viewing a shot of a storm in Texas, while you just might find yourself believing in magic after viewing a snowy picture of Japan’s famous Blue Pond in Biel-cho, Hokkaldo.

national geographic photo contest winners rhino

Of course, National Geographic wouldn’t be National Geographic if there weren’t also images of wildlife, like the herd of wildebeests crossing Tanzania’s Mara River or a musk ox running through snow in Qaanaaq (Thule), Greenland. Most disturbing is the shot of a pair of endangered white rhinoceroses in South Africa’s Zimanga Game Reserve that had to be de-horned to protect them from poachers.

man in a painting

National Geographic has stunned the world again with images so filled with import and meaning, that your life won’t be complete until you take them in.

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