This Tie-Fighter Deserved a Place in The Last Jedi

The Tie-X/ Tie-Fighter design study is the result of 4 months of hard work from automotive designer Jason Battersby. His goal was to design a ship that fits into the Star Wars universe which also embodied his design influences. He also used it as an opportunity to improve his skills in polygon modelling and rendering.

Here’s Jason’s pitch:   Out of the shadows comes the Tie-X, Vader’s secret advanced Tie-Fighter project. Only a few escaped the Death Star before its untimely demise. These advanced Tie-Fighters were built to be the most agile in the Empire, carrying out secret missions for Vader across the galaxy. Now after many years proof of these ships resurfaces to give us a glimpse into the Empire’s true power in space combat.

It’s an impressive body of work and more impressive than any of the ships seen in The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi. Who knows, maybe Kylo Ren could pilot one in Episode 9. For more Star Wars goodness, see Radio Flyer re-create Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder in stunning detail. Plus the force is strong with Star Wars Battle Quads.

Source – Jason Battersby

tie x /tie fighter girondium colium solar

tie x /tie war jedi movie

tie x /tie bottom side

tie x /tie side view

tie x /tie concept art

tie x /tie jedi wing

tie x /tie jedi top view

tie x /tie star wars goodness

tie x /tie star wars battle quads

tie x /tie sketch design

tie x /tie another sketch design

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