Tom Galle Will Twist Your Perspective

There’s no doubt that Instagram has become one of the most dynamic social media platforms out there for artists, from it’s array of amazing photo editing tools to it’s wide variety of video capabilities. Numerous established artists have embraced it and many more who were on the outside looking in of the formal artistic circles in the days before Instagram have used to the tool to both create art and promote their talents to the wide audience of the internet. One of many great examples of this is NYC-based internet and digital artist Tom Gale, who has used Instagram among just about every other social media platform to create and display his irreverent art.

tom galle knife in hand

From a switchblade in the shape of a Nike Swoosh held at a deceiving angle over a blank sweatshirt to an underwater VR snorkel to his arm punched through the screen of a Mac laptop so he can look at his iPhone, Gale plays with perspective, visual capabilities and things we take for granted with the technology that has become ubiquitous in our everyday lives.

Also, he has a lot of fun and takes great, entertaining pictures to be part of that tableau that could be part of your Instagram, which is a must when it comes to social media.

Check it out

tom galle mac design

tom galle mac logo

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