What Would History’s Most Famous Figures Look Like as Millennials?

Have you ever wondered what Nelson Mandela would look like with a fade?

Yeah, neither did we. But lucky for you someone did. Tel-Aviv based artist Amit Shimoni took it upon himself to re-imagine some of the history’s most prominent figures as if they were a modern-day millennial. Included in his book, Hipstory: Why be a World Leader when you Could be a Hipster is everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Albert Einstien. For Shimoni, the series began back in 2014 where he began to draw and paint on his bedroom walls. Since then he has created over 50 ICON portrayals that are continuing to receive worldwide media coverage.

Here are a couple of our favourites.

albert einstein millennial

Albert Einstein looking ready for a My Chemical Romance concert.

winston churchill millennial

We’re not quite sure whether Winston Churchill is bouncing at a dive bar or preparing for World War Two,  but, we probably still wouldn’t mess with him.

 che guevara millennial

Argentinian Marxist revolutionary, Che Guevara swaps out his iconic beret for a snazzy three stripe beanie.

millennial johnny depp

Is it J.F.K. or a Twenty-One Jump Street Johnny Depp?

millennial angela merkel

Yeh, Angela Merkle could probably get into the Berghain looking like this.

millennial vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin swaps out Russia’s national animal, a bear, for a more affable Bernese Mountain Dog.

pablo picasso dripping with steeze

Pablo Picasso dripping with steeze.

gandhi actually looks like a pretty chill dude

Gandhi actually looks like a pretty chill dude. Who’d have thought it?

princess diana

Princess Diana maintains her regality despite the septum piercing.

salvador dali

Salvador Dali looks like he’d fit right in with the Newtown crowd.

long live queen liz

Long live Queen Liz.

vincent van gogh as angst as ever

Vincent Van Gogh as angsty as ever.

martin luther king not afraid of dreaming big

Martin Luther King not afraid of dreaming big.

andy warhol

And then we have Andy Warhol looking pretty much the exactly the same… Clearly ahead of his time.

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