Australia’s Big Potato is For Sale for a Hot $920,000

If you’ve got a million dollars handy, why not consider buying one of Australia’s most iconic attractions – the Big Potato.

Located in Roberston, New South Wales, the Big Potato has been listed on the market for a whopping $920,000, giving Aussie’s the chance to purchase the regional town’s 10-metre tall icon.

Known as “the green heart of the Southern Highlands,” due to its fertile red soil, Roberston has long been ideal for potato growing, thus inspiring local farmer Jim Mauger to begin construction of the Big Potato in 1977.

Sadly it’s future may be in doubt as listing Agent, Steve Myers from Myers Realty, isn’t giving the big potato any protections, instead, telling buyers that if they want to build something else, “they’re welcome to.”

“There’s no question that there will be a bit of disappointment from the local community … but within three months, it’ll be forgotten,” said Myers when speaking to Allhomes.

“It’s an old site. There have been various suggestions that it should be towed down to Goulburn and put behind the Big Merino.”

While there’s never a shortage of photographs taken by visitors to the country town, Myers claims that people don’t wake up and say, “we’re going to go to Robertson today to visit the Big Potato.”

Although according to vendor Heather Tait, “busloads of people would stop at the Big Potato, take photos in front of it and stop by our store next door and buy Big Potato merchandises.”

“It’s the ugliest structure going but people like these big things.”

An ugly structure that previously sold for $450,000 back in 2014 according to records kept by Allhomes, with the initial plan to extend a supermarket that sits next door.

Until a sale is made the future of Australia’s Big Potato is up in the air.

Though perhaps the original plans to create a potato information centre will finally be realised.