Have a Beer Inside Moe’s Inflatable Tavern

If you are a Simpsons fan, then you know that Moe’s Tavern is a special little place where Homer and friends go to enjoy a drink or two after a hard day at work. As Moe’s is a fictional place, the only way to visit the tavern was to go to Universal Studios.

Now, you don’t have to go to Universal to hang out at Moe’s. You can enjoy a drink at the iconic bar anytime with your very own Moe’s Inflatable Tavern. Imagine how cool it would be to treat your house guests to a drink inside one of the most iconic bars on TV.

The folks at Inflatable.pub are have made it possible for you to drown your workday worries at an inflatable Moe’s. Just inflate the structure, and you’ll have the perfect replica of Moe’s right in your own backyard. It even features cake-like piping around the edges just like in the show. Add a bar, couple of bar stools and a pool table, and you are good to go.

The inflatable is still in the development stage, but the company says that it will be a replica of Moe’s and will meet all international safety standards. Made from the same material as a jumping castle, the Moe’s Tavern will measure 7 x 7 metres and stand 3.3 metres tall. With enough room for 60 people, you can invite all of your friends. You can even add air conditioning and heating to keep the party going year-round.

If you don’t have the room for one of these in your backyard, you can still visit Moe’s. Three of the inflatable replicas will open soon in Los Angeles, London and Dublin.

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