Bird Explores the Photogenic Nature of our Feathered Friends

Who would have thought birds liked getting their photo taken quite so much? Well photographer Andrew Zuckerman obviously did and has taken full advantage of their seemingly camera loving nature to deliver ‘Bird’, a simply titled book showcasing the beauty of birds.

With over 200 photos covering 75 species of bird, this is the ultimate chronicle of our feathered friends. From perky parrots, singing sparrows to observant owls and precious penguins, ‘Bird’ leaves no feather unturned as it gets up close to an animal that spends much of their time up in the skies. Having already photographed creatures of all shapes and sizes in a previous book, Zuckerman really takes flight in this book as he provides a soaring snapshot of birds across the world.

Even if you remain haunted by a childhood of swooping magpies, we recommend getting your hands and eyes on ‘Bird’ to overcome your fears and be reminded just how great living free as a bird really is.

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