A Monocle’s Global Survey Explores How to be Happy

Monocle has been around since 2007. With just over a decade under their belt, they’ve seen a few things and learned even more. In their January 2019 issue, they’ve put out a special report on a topic that is probably on the forefront of you mind—happiness. The newest issue of The Forecast, monocle reports on the places, companies, personalities, and trends that contribute to your happiness—the things that “keep you perky and restore your faith in humanity.” They also explore those things that the world needs more of, such as more four-legged friends and afternoons off work (everyone would sign up for that one!).

The report covers a wide range of topics, including why the UN ranked the Finns as the world’s happiest nation. They also look at how city planning has changed with things like poetic verses being painted on streets or statues of dogs being added throughout the city, all to make urban dwellings more appealing. Monocle also took a look at the coffee shop talks and hair salon debates to discover what people around the world are discussing. Cities that are healthy for its residents and that offer the most opportunity are also listed.

If being happier is on your list of 2019 resolutions, start with Monocle’s global survey on how to be happy and find out what you need to achieve your goal.

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