Ben Pobjie’s “Australia: What Happened?” Takes a Long, Hard Look at Our Peculiar History

If for no other reason than to learn about a murderous starfish with twenty-one arms.

When it comes to a craving for some left-of-centre humour, you hardly need look farther than the annals of Australian history to slake your thirst, and when it comes to rewriting those annals into a distilled-down, easy to carry tome, you hardly need look farther than Ben Pobjie to perform the task with aplomb.

Pobjie, who has gifted laughter to the masses before with his historical prowess in past instalments Error Australis and Aussie Aussie Aussie, is back with his latest book, Australia: What Happened?.

Denizens of our humble publication will already be familiar with the humorous antics of Ben’s chuckle-inducing ability to recount important events, with thanks to his regular recaps of The Bachelor on this very website. His latest book, to be released on the 30th of this month, tackles the big issues which plague our wide brown land today, from politicians who are too busy playing musical chairs to run the country, to cricketers who do suspicious things with sandpaper.

There’s also something about a murderous starfish with twenty-one arms, which roams freely around the Great Barrier Reef, though that’s all we’re going to say on that matter.

What’s the real story of the Aussie larrikin? How exactly did sheep ruin everything? What impact did the Gold Rush have on Australian culture? In Australia: What Happened?, Ben Pobjie turns his witty pen from reality TV recaps to the hard-hitting questions that have plagued good, hard-working Aussies since time immemorial.

If you, like us, care about history and laughter as much as we here at Man of Many do, you’d be well advised to head on over to Booktopia and pre-order yourself a copy, before a dingo eats them all.

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