Craft Beef is a Book for Steak Connoisseurs

Craft Beef: A Revolution of Small Farms and Big Flavors, a new book by Joe Heitzeberg, Ethan Lowry, and Caroline Saunders, explores a new movement in the beef industry. We’re all familiar with the concept of craft beers—microbreweries put together their own spin on the classic beer formulation with different flavors and then make them available to the public. Well, why not apply the same approach to beef? Instead, we rely on giant corporations to determine what our steaks will taste like, resulting in a homogenous offering that never varies from the same taste.

Carnivores can rejoice, however, as a new movement is underfoot.

craft beef back view

In Craft Beef, the authors explore the rise of farms, butcher shops, and restaurants that are offering new and better steaks. We may know the difference between different types of wines, but soon we’ll also discover the difference between breeds of cattle, such as Belted Galloway or Murray Grey. The book explores how these individuals are raising small herds independently from the domineering corporations that have controlled the market. Their humane practices result in “zero-stress” environments for the cattle and their new approach to feed and care creates unique flavors that you have most likely never experienced from a steak.

Discover what this new movement is, and become one of the first connoisseurs of flavorful beef.

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