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That morning cup of Joe is important no matter where you are, and Where to Drink Coffee reveals where you should be getting it. The book features the best tips and suggestions from 150 of the world’s best baristas and coffee experts of where they go for their coffee no matter where in the world they are. The reviews cover the full gambit, from cafes and bakeries to restaurants and even a few surprises, like a video store and an auto shop.

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Where to Drink Coffee also features specially commissioned maps with an easy-to-navigate geographical organization. You’ll also find reviews and key information needed to get that perfect cup. And it’s not just local shops. Where to Drink Coffee explores 600 spots across 50 countries.

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Avidan Ross, one of the co-authors, is the founding partner of Root Ventures. He’s also a glassblower, and an admitted coffee connoisseur. The other author, Liz Clayton, is a respected contributor to the coffee literacy world and is recognized as one of the world’s foremost coffee writers. She is the editor of Sprudge, the Specialty Coffee Association’s Online Town Hall. She also writes for Twitchy and is the author of Nice Coffee Time. Given the background, you can trust these author’s opinions when it come to where to drink coffee.

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